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5 Leather Jacket Combos Every Guy Must Try

Leather jacket is every guy’s dream ensemble. Moreover, women drool over men who can carry this macho outfit with utmost style and grace. You too have a few of these leather masterpieces in your wardrobe but often get confused over styling them. Well, worry not! We bring to you a few classic leather jacket combos that every guy must try once in a lifestyle. So, are you ready to dress to impress?

Black leather jacket with navy denim jeans
Leather jackets are synonymous with biking or rather the macho image of every man. And, the black ones are particularly to die for. If you have one such piece in your wardrobe, team it with navy blue denim jeans. A pair of boots will complement this combination perfectly. However, if you do not own one, you can buy men jacket at various fashion portals offering an extensive variety.

Brown bomber jacket with deep blue denims
Well, if you have had enough of all the blacks in your wardrobe, it is time you shift to the browns. Yes, you herd it right! Brown leather jackets too can make you look dapper. Pair your dark brown leather bomber jacket with classic denim jeans in a deep blue shade. To accentuate your uber cool look, don a pair of brown leather boots.

Black biker jacket with grey jeans
We are not here to outrage your color sensibilities but monochromes are in for sure. You can carry a similar color with varying shades from top to bottom. Taking a cue from this trend, don a black leather biker jacket with a stylish grey distressed jeans. However, keep this look reserved for holidays and hiking trips. Pair the attire with classic leather brogues in shade of brown. You can buy jacket online to get amazing deals and variety.

Black bomber jacket with navy jeans
If you are bored with your classic black biking jacket, try buying a black bomber one while looking for men jacket online. Once you have it delivered at your doorstop, pair it with navy blue denims. The look will surely impress your girl.

Brown bomber jacket with camel shaded jeans
You can also try some unusual shades of jeans if you have a brown bomber jacket in your closet. Look for pair of camel shade jeans and team it up with brown leather masterpiece. To break the monochrome, don a stylish pair of black boots and thus, up your style quotient.

Shorts Save The Day

The casual uniform for men mainly encompasses a wide array of funky looking Bermuda shorts, fast dry swimming shorts in vibrant hues and printed shorts for men. Online shopping is a great way to get hold of the latest fashion trends, and you can buy so many varieties of shorts for easy breezy days at the beach, golf course, downtown bar and bowling alley. Wear with statement making denim shirts like David Beckham and boyish sneakers for portraying a look of epitome cool! Buy men’s chino shorts online, which are an indispensable wardrobe staple. Look for floral and black background printed shorts for men online that are completely wearable and you won’t need any rock god swagger factor to pull off the manly fashion statement!

Make an impact in the summer months by wearing your favorite pair of men’s shorts with vibrant polo Tees and even lightweight sweaters by mastering the best fusion of fabrics, color, and texture. If you’re heading for a late night party by the pool, you can also add on a structured and glossy leather jacket along with a soft roll neck shirt to achieve the right balance of casual and party formal. Accessorize with hats and woven leather bracelets for additional appeal. When you’re buying men’s shorts, you can go the extra mile by opting for rich hues like red, pink, or bottle green. Shorts, denim jackets and leather jacket are clothing pieces that are considered a sartorial gateway to rock star cool.

Update rebel style and wear your classic shorts with a statement Tee and artificial silver jewelry. For a nighttime event, you can try a full monochrome ensemble with your outfit, a white vest with white linen shorts and sneakers. Keep your color pure and elegant by wearing a pair of relaxed cream chinos with a full sleeve t-shirt. You can also contrast a navy cardigan over your plain Tee for an unexpected vibe. Go with a silk shirt in rich berry shade over a tough biker jacket in black to toughen up your overall outfit.

With bohemian inspired shorts in floral, soothing nautical, and tropical motifs, you can keep things rugged, relaxed and dressy by mixing casual accessories such as Derby or Panama hats, old fashioned aviator sunglasses and polka dot printed neckties alongside faded denim and monochrome separates. Team up your look with sporty classics for a fresh spin. With the right offbeat attitude and right swagger, you can carry any look with confidence!

Look Good The Easy Way

All of us have that friend who is an absolute show stopper. That is right, the George Clooney of the group who seems to have mastered the art of fashion and appears to be incapable of making a mistake. We secretly admire their taste in clothing and their ability to get colors and combinations bang on target. Their sense of style is unequivocally spectacular and the ease with which they seem to pull off their sense of style seems simply too good to match, as a result they constantly seem to be swimming in a sea of compliments. Oh! Just how do you compete with such a person for the limelight, it’s not worth the effort, you simply are no match for that person! This is what you have been telling yourself right? You couldn’t be further from the truth. Curious? Buckle up!

Looking your best is like gearing up for a competition. Like an athlete in training you are constantly on a quest to achieve perfection. But what is an athlete without technique? Similarly, there are simple rules to looking good, which if you master are going to ensure that everyone around you will feel the heat of your presence. Being aware of your dress and the environment you are in, achieving a great fit, buying something that you really like and accepting people’s opinion of you, these are simple rules that you can use to develop your sense of style, day by day.

“Fashion is something that comes from within you” said Ralph Lauren, a man who made an absolute artefact out of something as simple as a polo shirt. Indeed it is a reflection of who you are. It is a language with which you do not speak but still manage to convey a lot about yourself without even flexing your lips. Once you truly understand the body language of people around you and begin to process them, you become aware and this is the basic skill that helps you become the person that you want to be. Feeling good in your attire and knowing that people around you like you in it too is winning half the battle. Remember how you used to wonder how your friend does it, rest assured they have a great sense of awareness about themselves.

Fit is everything, wearing clothes that hug your shoulders, accentuate your chest area and flatter your legs is an absolute must. It is an open secret which a lot of people seem to conveniently ignore. If you are tall and slim try wearing slim and tapered fit jeans and wait for reactions from your friends. If you are someone who is conscious about your weight try loose fit tshirts and shirts and enjoy the results. Every fashion advertisement has models with a great physique sporting apparel that fits their body closely and the effectiveness of these ads need no testiment.

Accepting criticism from people who wish you well is important in nurturing your sense of style. Taking some fashion tips from that very friend whom you so dearly admire can be absolutely helpful. Always buy something that you really love and not because you have to wear it. A fine example of how you can ruin your style is when you buy blazers in a hurry that do not offer you a close fit because you have to get to an event. Instead plan you purchases and invest time in your shopping to plan ahead and be certain that you are going to look fabulous in all the photos of you at the event.

Looking good is a skill that needs commitment, nurturing and honing and with these simple steps you can begin to be that person who is loved for a great sense of style. Go on try them!

Major Things of Online Shopping

Online shopping has come to be a famous shopping approach ever for the reason that net has declared a takeover. There are numerous individuals which can be seeking out other excellent alternatives buying and online transport is simply the restoration for that.

There are numerous advantages of online buying, this is the cause why online stores are a booming enterprise nowadays. Online shopping consists of shopping for garments, gadgets, footwear, home equipment, or even daily groceries.

Save Time
Do you have the unique listing that you need to buy? With simply a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can purchase your buying orders and immediately move to other essential matters that could keep time.

Save Fuel
The marketplace of fuel industries battles from increasing and reducing its cost each every now and then, but irrespective of how an awful lot the cost of gasoline are it does now not affect your buying errands. One of the advantages of buying online is that there is no need for motors, so no purchase of fuel necessary.

Save Energy
Admit it, its miles tiresome to keep from one place and transfer to another vicinity. What’s worse is that there are not any to be had stocks for the merchandise you need to buy. In online shopping, you do no longer want to waste your valuable power while buying.

Assessment of Prices
The advanced innovation of search engine allows you to without difficulty check costs and examine with only some clicks. It’s far very straightforward to conduct price comparisons from one online buying internet site to every other. This offers you the liberty to decide which online keep offers the maximum inexpensive item you are going to buy.

24/7 Availability
Online shopping shops are open spherical the clock of 24/7, 7 days every week and 12 months. It is very rare to discover any traditional retail shops which are open 24/7. The availability of online shops come up with the liberty to keep at your very own tempo and convenience.

Hate Waiting In Lines
While buying objects online, there are not any long strains you need to bear, just to buy your products. The concept of shopping online is cutting down the ones bad habits of standing in a protracted line and simply ready. Every online save is designed with unique character ordering capabilities to purchase the item.

Too Ashamed To Buy
There are instances that you want to buy something out of the ordinary that can be a chunk embarrassing when visible by using different people. Gadgets like bizarre adorns horny lingerie, person toys, and so forth. In online shopping, you do not want to be ashamed, your online transactions are basically executed privately.

Easy To Search
You are able to look for specific products that consist of model range, style, size, and shade which you need to purchase. Further, it is easy to decide whether the products are to be had or out of stock.

Are Chino Pants For Everyone

Chinos are the versatile pant option available in the market. They have an ability to grow exponentially. People argue that chinos are inherently casual and are not perfect for the business environment. Well, this is true to a particular extent but not for modern work style. Casual dress is now even accepted for 9 to 5 grind job. This means chinos are the perfect pants for a modern man. In this article, we will tell you how to wear chino pants in a more formal way, how to have a dress down at the office, what shoes to wear with the chino pants, and lots more. First of let’s learn the difference between khakis and chinos.

The terms like chinos and khakis are often used in a similar way, though there is the difference between the same. Khaki is the most common shade of chinos. So, all khakis can be called as chinos, but not all chinos are khaki colored. Whether it is chino shorts online or pull on shorts for men, there are different ways on how to pull off the look.

Here are some ways:

You could wear them in different ways:

– If you buy men striped shorts online don’t wear a tie
– Swap a dress shirt with a sport shirt
– Buy a bomber jacket instead of sport coat
– Buy minimalist sneakers instead of loafers

Wearing chino shorts or pants is easy. It’s like wearing denim.

Colors to wear
The most versatile shades all the year round are charcoal, navy, caramel, olive and khaki. Summer is the perfect time to wear the pastel shades. Light shades work perfectly for the spring and summer season. In the winter season mustard, burgundy, green, egg plant are the best options.

What shoes to wear with it?
If your look is casual, then it is best to wear minimal canvas, leather shoes, boat shoes or desert boots. Contrast is the best bet. For the standard pair of chino shorts online, white shoes look good. Dark brown leather or navy is other option to consider. Remember, the shoes shouldn’t be an exact match with the pants.

Choose Chinos, Corduroy Pants And Cargo Pants This Season

Dress up or down with your chino pants this season! Why, you ask? Well, chino pants are super comfy and stylish. You can dress up or down with chinos simply because they can be both casual and formal. Your favorite pair of jeans will not be flexible to carry off different looks compared to chinos.

Over the years it’s more of an assumption that khaki colored trouser that fit well is a pair of chino. But, the whole story of chinos changed over the years. The modern chino that everyone absolutely loves is more fitted and tapered. The classy chino is very much a favorite but the younger crowd loves the idea of the modern sophistication added to the classy one. The modern chino is available in plenty of color options such as navy blue, grey, shades of army and more. We have two looks picked up exclusively for you. For a day’s look, team up your chino with a cotton shirt or a linen shirt with a summer blazer. For a business casual look, go for a semi formal shoe like a pair of loafers. For an evening look, choose your chino in a dark shade and team it up with a tee preferably with full sleeves.

A denim shirt or a chambray shirt is also a good idea. However, tucking the shirt in or untucking it is definitely an option that’s left to you. Styling corduroy pants however is a whole different story! Some of the things to keep in mind while putting together an outfit with a pair of corduroy pants are mentioned just for you. Read on. We reckon you team up your corduroy with a sweater or a shirt of your choice because it only looks the best. Sweater for the winters and shirts when the weather is not too cold!

If you are skinny, it’s best that you choose corduroy that’s not too thick. Thinner the man, thicker the fabric is the key, and vice versa. There’s quite a bit happening with your bottoms when you have corduroy pants as a part of your outfit, so the rest of the outfit better be simple. A plain shirt or a t-shirt is your best bet.

When it comes to experimenting, why don’t you buy casual cargo pants online this season? They are comfortable and the pockets are the best part. A simple tee is all you need with a pair of cargos if you are planning on traveling, even it’s just a weekend drive away!

Sport Your Sweatpants This Season

You can now buy absolutely anything including cuff jogger pants online. If you are looking to buy sweatpants online, make sure that you are aware of the material composition. It is really important because you will be wearing it when you go jogging to the park, or sweating at the gym. Anything that you wear to workout, the comfort of that garment should be given the utmost importance. Every time we choose our gym clothes, we pay attention to how we look, the colors and style. But, there are a few factors that need a lot of attention when it comes to choosing the right active wear. But, there are times when people buy sweatpants and other active wear just as lounge wear, only because of the comfort level. Your typical pyjamas will not let you lounge around at home, and quickly rush to take your dog for a walk without changing. A pair of sweatpants can be used as a part of active wear, lounge wear, Yoga wear and even to
travel. It’s light, and comfortable for many purposes. Online men’s sweatpants are available in many different variants in colors, designs and fabrics. You will be able to choose the kind that’s best for your daily activity.

The technology used in the material for a quick dry of sweat is best chosen for your t-shirts. It’s best to choose fabrics that are easy on your skin, breathable fabrics are the best. Sweat friendly fabrics with flat seam is best for people who have sensitive skin. If you are vigorously training for a marathon, or just working out quite intensely, do remember to have an extra set of workout clothes. It’s best to change in between the breaks. Always keep yourself hydrated, and shower after you finish your workout after reaching home.

Yoga is one of the most followed forms of workout by many. Yoga is being followed by the westerners like never before due to the many benefits it has. All you need is a Yoga mat to practice Yoga in the mornings all by yourself. There are numerous videos by many celebs online to understand and follow. Many Yoga enthusiasts prefer wearing comfortable sweatpants, organic Yoga tee or active wear tee, and a pair of Yoga socks. Concentrate on the breathing while practicing Yoga and the benefits are more. You will eventually be able to practice all Asans, but only over a period of time.

Looking Good in a Blazer

When you have been shopping for yourself for a few years, there are a few sites and shops that have become staples for you. After all, once you’ve learned that you can depend upon a place to deliver high quality fashion with good materials and great craftsmanship, why would you choose to wing it with someone else? Having said that, you may find that, even after purchasing a blazer, you aren’t quite sure that the fit is right. Whether you’ve purchased a few of these wardrobe staples or this is your first attempt, you may benefit from a few tips as far as getting a blazer that fits well.

Taking Measurements
Any time you purchase something online, there is a chance that it will need to be tailored to fit you well. Your first step toward getting a blazer that fits well is to take plenty of measurements. You may want to pull in a friend or family member to help you with this. Start with the shoulder. Ideally, your blazer should lie flat at the shoulder. To achieve this, the top shoulder seam should be the same length as the shoulder bone. If you take this measurement accurately, the sleeve should hang beautifully.

The Shoulder
A blazer that fits well shouldn’t bunch up or pull across your torso. If the connecting seam is too far up your shoulder, you’ll like to see consequences of this all along the sleeve and even across your back or chest. A skilled tailor may be able to help you make the minor adjustments you need to get this to fit just right, but it can be a difficult process after the blazer is completed. AS you shop through the selections, be sure that you have the most accurate measurements you could take to ensure that your purchased blazer is a good fit.

Button Closure
The next step is to focus on the jacket closure area. (Make sure you know the rules for buttoning your jacket.) If you’re purchasing a single breasted blazer, you’ll want the two sides of the blazer front to meet nicely, allowing the button to close without any strain. You want to avoid lapels that hang forward, as well as any wrinkles or gaping where the button radiating out from the button. The blazers should allow for a bit of tailoring at the waist if necessary and if you have taken your waist measurements accurately.

Sleeve Length
The appropriate blazer sleeve length can be described with the traditional advice: “a half inch of linen”. You won’t want your sleeve to completely cover the cuff of your white shirt and you definitely don’t want to show too much of that sleeve. Usually, this means that the sleeve should end at about your large wrist bone. This could be one of the easiest measurements you take and the adjustment tends to be a simple one for experienced tailors.

An Attractive Fit
Your shopping experience should be very pleasant. You can ensure the quality of your purchase by carefully taking measurements at the shoulder, waist and arm. After your careful shopping, you should be able to enjoy the attractive results of a well cut blazer.

Updated Your Look : Stylish Ways for Women to Wear a Leather Jacket

stylish ways to wear leather jacket for womensIt is a classic for sure, but there is no need to always wear it with blue denims and a white tee. Experiment with it to create looks that elevate it and make it deserving of the status it enjoys. Take inspiration from the six looks here, and make your leather jacket the star of the show.

Sky High Always!
While there is no rule against wearing flats with a leather jacket (ballerinas with a cute pair of leather shorts anyone?), wearing a pair of heels with it will keep you en vogue and oh so stylish every time you step out.

Timeless, ageless, and without doubt ever stylish, a leather jacket should be anointed the king of all things gorgeous, according to me. I don’t think I have ever been as upset about the loss/destruction of a clothing item as I was when I realized that my leather jacket was ruined beyond repair. To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. I went through the day looking more morose than a sad puppy being denied food from the table. Until a really dear friend promised that we would get another one. That may have been just to wipe the grim look off my face but it worked. Even the promise of a leather jacket was enough to get me going and creating a few looks that would work with it.

You could ask what the appeal of this jacket is, and I would point in the direction of greats like James Dean and Marlon Brando who set our hearts aflutter. You could ask me what about women, and I would ask you to try to resist the attractive appeal of fashionable divas like Jessica Alba, Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie, well, the list is endless. Make it punk with a leather bottom, or toughen up a girly look, the styling options that a leather jacket provides are infinite. Its versatility makes it a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

And once you have your hands on a piece you love, these are the different truly inspirational ways in which you can wear a leather jacket in style.

The Rebel
Think leather, and you think punk, tough, rock, you get the vibe. If you want to give a voice to your inner rocker chic, then here’s the look you should be donning. A leather skirt, a crop top, military style lace up boots, and what we like to call punk accessories.  It is a defining look for someone who walks the edgy line.

The Trendsetter
You want the drama but don’t want the I live my life on the outer fringes look? Well, add a bit of glamor to your punk inspired look. And what better way to do that than to get some classy gold in there. A lacy negligee inspired top, loose, ankle length pants, capped toe heels, an embellished clutch, and matching accessories are just what you need to cement your diva status.

The Rabble Rouser
While a leather jacket may be synonymous with darker tones, I believe creating your own style statement is all about breaking the status quo. And, therefore, add some perky color in there. A bright neon is the perfect way to liven up that broody leather jacket mood. Tone down the look with a neutral top, but jazz up the outfit with a pair of leopard print heels.

The Wave Maker
Did you really think that you couldn’t wear leather to work? Banish those absurd thoughts from your head, and play workaholic gone bad girl for the day. Team your oh so proper pencil skirt blouse outfit in office appropriate colors with a stark biker jacket. Wear accessories that match your outfit. Just add a statement necklace for the perfect amount of bling.

The Diva
And you thought a leather jacket was all about channeling your inner tomboy. Boy, were you wrong! Wear an ultra feminine dress (ruffles, frills, lace etc.) in a gorgeously girly color with an I am a biker chick leather jacket. It is a look that will jolt everyone into taking attention, and they should. You need the right attitude to carry off a look like this.

The Provocateur
There is something about the combination of black leather with red that can drive even the sanest of men crazy. On a night when you want to unleash your appeal in its full glory, this is the look to sizzle in. A sexy LBD with seductively red accessories. Set a thousand hearts aflutter with a look that is designed to do just that.

These looks are just to kick your gray cells into action. With the right visual aid, coming up with your own outfits should be a walk in the park. If you don’t have a leather jacket and are rushing off to pick one for yourself, remember to buy one in a classic cut that flatters you. While there are a myriad colors available, I suggest you stick to neutrals for most versatility. The purchase may cost a pretty penny, but it is one that will make up for its value hundred times over. A leather jacket’s ability to make ramp worthy even the simplest of outfits guarantees that.

A Few Ways for Men Wearing a Leather Jacket

vintage leather jacket

Leather Biker Jacket

Do you have any idea to wear a jackets besides you wear it with a white tees and blue denims? Here is the 8 options that you can use to wear a leather jackets with style.

Leather Biker Jackets
First leather biker jackets designed and sold by Irving Schott in 1928 cost a mere USD 5.50. Ruggedness, rebellion, bad boys, grease, these are just some of the many words and images that jump into my head when I think of a leather jacket. Why? Well, personal associations are difficult to explain. But maybe, it’s because I’ve always attributed the timeless appeal of the leather jacket to these few things.

From a time when they were worn to protect men from the unpredictable elements of nature to a period where they are worn more to create a style statement, the leather jacket has come a long way. And if you want to join in on the long history it has, then you need to know how to wear a leather jacket well. For all those men out there who can’t think of many stylish variations, here are 8 brilliant ways to wear a leather jacket.

Classic Style
A man wearing a white shirt with blue denims has always been a sight that has set the hearts of women aflutter. Add to this classic combination a leather jacket, and you have a look that will have women swooning.

Fashion Forward
Yes, I confess. I love a monochromatic look on men. There is something so inherently stylish and fashion forward about the look that you simply can’t take your eyes away. When wearing a leather jacket, I suggest teaming it with a black shirt and black trousers.

Street Looks
A leather jacket is a symbol of the tough guy, the (really) attractive bad boy, the one who knows how to not play by the rules. And this look does just that. Wear your jacket with a high neck T shirt or a turtleneck for just the right amount of swagger.

Prep Inspired
Can’t leave school days behind? Don’t blame you. Keep the boy in you alive by wearing your leather jacket with a cardigan, a shirt, and a tie. Wear it with a pair of jeans and protect your hands with a pair of matching gloves. Save this look for a really cold day, though.

Country Lads
Whoever said you can’t play around with color and pattern when you are wearing a leather jacket!? Wear your brown (or any colored) jacket with a plaid shirt for a country boy gone the city way look. Just leave the Stetson behind.

Business Influence
If your office doesn’t demand a strict adherence to dress code but requires you to be formal, then this is the look you should opt for. A slim fit shirt, a thin tie, and your faithful leather jacket. Do them a favor and give the women in your office a cautionary warning.

Supermodel Calling
Want to ape the look of that model on the centerfold of your favorite magazine? Well, get ready to take it all the way. Wear your leather jacket on top of a shawl cardigan which is layered over a white tee. Ditch the jeans for a pair of trousers.

Boy Next Door
If you’re going for easy casual, then this look will never fail you. Wear your leather jacket with a white tee and a pair of chinos. Give the look a little spunk by adding a patterned stole. There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this look.

From the heartthrob of yesteryears Marlon Brando to the man who makes us sigh today, Ryan Gosling, the leather jacket has been a favorite with many celebrities. Join their ranks. Make the leather jacket a wardrobe staple.