Looking Good in a Blazer

When you have been shopping for yourself for a few years, there are a few sites and shops that have become staples for you. After all, once you’ve learned that you can depend upon a place to deliver high quality fashion with good materials and great craftsmanship, why would you choose to wing it with someone else? Having said that, you may find that, even after purchasing a blazer, you aren’t quite sure that the fit is right. Whether you’ve purchased a few of these wardrobe staples or this is your first attempt, you may benefit from a few tips as far as getting a blazer that fits well.

Taking Measurements
Any time you purchase something online, there is a chance that it will need to be tailored to fit you well. Your first step toward getting a blazer that fits well is to take plenty of measurements. You may want to pull in a friend or family member to help you with this. Start with the shoulder. Ideally, your blazer should lie flat at the shoulder. To achieve this, the top shoulder seam should be the same length as the shoulder bone. If you take this measurement accurately, the sleeve should hang beautifully.

The Shoulder
A blazer that fits well shouldn’t bunch up or pull across your torso. If the connecting seam is too far up your shoulder, you’ll like to see consequences of this all along the sleeve and even across your back or chest. A skilled tailor may be able to help you make the minor adjustments you need to get this to fit just right, but it can be a difficult process after the blazer is completed. AS you shop through the selections, be sure that you have the most accurate measurements you could take to ensure that your purchased blazer is a good fit.

Button Closure
The next step is to focus on the jacket closure area. (Make sure you know the rules for buttoning your jacket.) If you’re purchasing a single breasted blazer, you’ll want the two sides of the blazer front to meet nicely, allowing the button to close without any strain. You want to avoid lapels that hang forward, as well as any wrinkles or gaping where the button radiating out from the button. The blazers should allow for a bit of tailoring at the waist if necessary and if you have taken your waist measurements accurately.

Sleeve Length
The appropriate blazer sleeve length can be described with the traditional advice: “a half inch of linen”. You won’t want your sleeve to completely cover the cuff of your white shirt and you definitely don’t want to show too much of that sleeve. Usually, this means that the sleeve should end at about your large wrist bone. This could be one of the easiest measurements you take and the adjustment tends to be a simple one for experienced tailors.

An Attractive Fit
Your shopping experience should be very pleasant. You can ensure the quality of your purchase by carefully taking measurements at the shoulder, waist and arm. After your careful shopping, you should be able to enjoy the attractive results of a well cut blazer.